Say goodbye to

very, very bad news for all those who use and depend on this site for user-experienced meds information.

The site is gone. I’m not going into a long explanation. If you want, you can read about it here – a message from a blog where the developer of crazy meds, Jerod Poore, posts info about what is going on with the site. It gives the reasons for the sites going “bye-bye”

To get to the blog:

If you want to take the time to do some searching, here is a link to ONLY the forums. Of course, i don’t know how long the forums will be available without the main site.

To get to the forums:

Sorry, that’s all i know about it. I don’t know what to tell you about other places to go to read about meds – someplace that is NOT sponsored by the manufacturer of a specific med. These may LOOK LIKE independent med sites. But you can be sure something is “fishy” when the only med talked about in detail is the one made bu the pharm company.

I’m going to do some wandering around cyberspace to see if i can find something even CLOSE. Wish me luck.


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This news is so disappointing but understandable. I’ve been so busy for years, I haven’t tried to visit Crazy Meds. A great resource. Thank you for posting this.

One of the best resource on the internet is gone, not a good news but still we have to move on.

Thank you for taking the time to post this info it is now 2022 and this came up quickly.

I dont suppose anyone web archived or wayback machined the pages?