SBS-Waiting for Organs

Hi guys. It was found that my son’s intestines were not enlarged enough to consider STEP because he only has about 5 cm of lower intestine anyways, so we are just waiting on the organs now. I was just wondering if anyone else had their procedure done at Georgetown University Hospital, and how long they had to wait/have been waiting for organs?
We got a call on Sunday to say that we were a back-up for a set of organs, but then they called back to say that they worked for the primary recipient. A little frustrating, but I know that that baby must have needed them worse. My son’s buliribon count is only 7, but the transplant team said that his platelets were up really high. :frowning:

I will be out of the office July 2nd through July 9th For immediate attention please email Linda Taylor at or call her at 314-432-3000x608

Paige Solomon

Hey girl just want to let you know I Love You! Hang in there things will be okay. I am praying for you and Azriel.

Just found out that my son will need to be on the transplant list too. He will also need a liver transplant combine with the intestine. Whatever you do please keep your son’s billirubin down. We were concern about Blake’s bilirubin but his Gi Team didn’t seem to worry too much because he was eating. We just had the biopsy done and now he has cirrhosis. If we had know how important it was we’ve put a G tube in but I guess its too late.
I guess the waiting list just depend on the seriousness of the condition and the blood type of your son. If you haven’t had the transplant yet I’ll pray for your son.
We’re told his type A blood which has a shorter waiting list but surgery is surgery regardless of when he gets the transplant. Good luck with your son and keep me posted.

I am out of the office on Friday Feb 15th and Monday Feb 18th. For immediate attention please email Linday Taylor at or call her at 314-432-3000x608.