Sbs with nipple aversion need help

Hi- my son has sbs and has been doing extremely well thus far with everything gaining weight etc. He is 5 1/2 months old and was just starting to nipple his bottle really well until they started him on a continuous feed by pump through his mickey button-g-tube. Since then he has had a strong aversion to it. Sometimes he will nipple fine and knows how to do it and then other times he doesn’t have anything to do with it. We’ve been trying to do physical therapy with him through the feeding clinic and he does his therapy fine let’s me do all of it with him but when it comes to putting the bottle in the mouth he won’t have anything to do with it. Arch his back cry etc I offer pacifier and he’ll take that just fine. He is on neocate and the therapist said that it is nasty tasting
has anyone had trouble with this? any advice would be good they want him to continue to keep that sensation of feeling full and putting things in his mouth they eventually want to start rice cereal but don’t know when.

thank you

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There are a lot of feeding tips for short gut kids on the this web site. Under “main content
pages”, go to “tips and tricks” and then oral aversion. Make sure he’s not
having reflux. Arching back can be related to reflux, which kids on TPN
often have. You should start to encourage him to start mouthing toys to help
prevent an oral aversion as he gets older. Let me know if you have other
questions after checking out the webpage.


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