Has anyone had any experiences with seizures with the Digeorge syndrom

I saw the date on your post, and I’m not sure if you have figgured out what was causing the seizures or not yet. My daughter started having her siezures when she was about 2 weeks old. What we had found out was causing her seizures was her low calcium level. she was put on some calcium drops, and her levels had come up to the normal range. The y had weened her off tthe drops and to this day (she is 5 yrs old) hasn’t had any more siezures. She needs to get her calcium levels checked every six months as they can drop back off at any time, but she is still at the normal level of calcium.

Hope this helps,

My son also had seizures starting at 6 days old. I was so reluctant to take him back to the hospital, for he had just gotten home, but we did. I was extremely happy I did. We found out his calcuim was low, and he required Vitamin D and Calcuim meds. He was off of them within 5 weeks, and doing wonderful! :slight_smile:

Hi my son has Di George Syndrome he’s 14 and just had his first seizure. They are not sure what caused it yet. He needs to get an EEG and an MRI. His calcium has always been low but not enough to cause a seizure. It was a terrible experience, it happened in his sleep first thing in the morning. Thank God I was there.