Sensory Diet

Can anyone give me information on starting a sensory diet for my almost 5 yr old son with FX. Occupational therapist reccommends this and we are going to start implementing it asap. I would like to know what others have done, any suggestions, what works/doesn’t work??? Thanks

My son had sensory integration therapy for a while when younger and I found it very useful for him. I called around local occupational therapists to find one that had specialist training in SI. I am not sure which country you are in but this web page gives details of finding therapists in a few different countries:

There are plenty of websites that talk about this. Do a google search for 'sensory diet' or 'sensory integration therapy' and you are likely to find something of use. I wish I could be more specific about particular sites but it is a long time since I looked.

The needs of an individual Fragile X child varies so not all you read may be applicable to your child  - which is why I think seeing an SI specialist at least for advice is probably a good idea. 

 Regards Sue