Severe Eczema 3yr old boy

I also have a nephew that has severe eczema, it is tearing at my heart he has been hospitalized and they are trying to get the infection and dehydration undercontrol.
It is actaully my grand-nephew I was wondering the few times I had him consecutive days and bathed him several times while he was here I could literally see the redness going away, I let him sit in the bath as long as he wanted 20-30min seemed to be the only place he found relief and immediately applied an aveeno cream
and some topical antibiotic to the terrible spots his feet can get so cracked he can’t walk it is from head to toe-
My theory was if he had several baths in just clean clear water throughout the day to flush the irritants from the skin and was lotioned up real well what would the harm be? He has every allergy known to man and the bath is a place where he plays
and gets relief does anyone have experience with hydrotherapy?
Or any pitfalls to this. It may not be parctical everyday but he has no quality of life he is too young for steriod treatment.

my daughter has severe eczema and environmental, seasonal, and food allergies—try aveno baby oatmeal bath–my daughter is allergic to chemicals–johnson and johnson is the worst–water is great but if yours using bad soap theres no point…blot the skin after the bath and try vaseline—many creams like cetaphil and vanicream are for eczema but burn if the skin is really bad. my daughter has gone to an allergist and dermatologist since she was 6 months old…we’ve tried and learned alot. another thing is your clothes soap-perfumes-all that can irritate the skin. scented candles–theres so much you can try to eliminate to help. sorry if this seems jumbled-my daughter is currently dying for attention…but if you have any comments on my ideas feel free to reply-good luck oh one more thing-when he sleeps do wet compresses on the sores for 10 minutes–we’ve even put my dauther to bed in damp t shirts in the hot summer…cold water humidifier also helps keep skin moiste!!! good luck

one more thing–her dermatalogist said bathes should be in luke warm water for 5-10 min…too long can damage the skin more–i thought this was crazy–but 10 5 min bathes a day seemed to soothe her more than very long bathes