Shoe and Foot Care

Hi everyone, I am looking for some foot advice. I recently went from working only part time during the school year, to now working full time this year. I made sure to get very good shoes, with arch support ect., but my feet are killing me. I am having alot of problems with pain in my heels and through the tendons in my arches. My rheumatologist told me last week if it continues he will refer me to a podiatrist, but I would like some relief sooner. My RA has a tendency to attack my tendons, I think this is what is going on in my feet. I would to know of any shoes that are recommended for me. I am on my feet the majority of the day, and do a lot of walking. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Go to The Walking Store if you have one near you. They have a little thing you stand on that shows where your pressure points are and then they recommend the right arch support for you. I know it sounds flaky and I figured I was getting ripped off, but I was at the point that I would have tried anything, and the supports made a huge difference almost immediately. They really took pressure off my ankles, heels and the balls of my feet.

I believe the supports were around $40, so they’re not cheap, but very worth it if they help!

Good luck.


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