Sign language

Wondering how many other parents out there use sign language with their kids. I recently attended the Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome conference, and they were hugely against it! Well the professionals were anyhow!
I’ve been using Signing Time DVDs with my 16mos old and she loves them! I would hate to stop!
Their argument is that not only should you be using that time and energy to help them with their oral language skills, but that it gives the kids and an easy way out instead of trying to improve their speech. This is mainly directed towards the kids with speech problems. What do you think?

i think that is insane. i used sign with all of my kids but i really use it most the thomas who has speech problems because of digeorge. his thearpist and doctor all agree it is a great idea because it has given him the ability to communicate without throwing a fit. he has really caught on and is finally starting to make sounds with it. none make sense yet but it is such a huge step. i believe in always trust your gut. if it is a way your child can “talk” until she learns to use her voice then she should have that.

My 2 1/2 yr. old nephew has DIGeorge and is currently learning sign. That’s basically the only way he coounicates. He has some hearing loss, he can say a few words, but mostly signs. His speech therapist is teaching him