Sleep apnea and weight?

I was told that my sleep apnea might be because of being over weight. 

I also know that sleep apnea is hereditary in my family, my grandpa had it pretty bad before they knew what it was and was untreated. He died from a heart attack in his late 40's. He wasn't realy over weight, but anyways.

My question is, are there any out there that have either been able to get off the c-pap or at least reduced the pressure after loosing weight?

Well, a doc told me that many people have sleep apnea as a result of their weight and if they lose some weight, often it will help with their sleep apnea, so that's what I have heard.  The doc went on to tell me that my apnea is not due to my weight (not overweight), but due to my chin.  Yep, my chin.  So, I had the surgery done in my throat hoping that I would no longer have sleep apnea and that did not help.  I'm now being told that the surgery I had usually does NOT work.  So, if you ever find yourself considering the surgery, you may want to give it another thought.  I'm sorry now that I had that surgery.  Hope that helps a little.  :)  Kelly

I’m on a cpap and I got rls also. the Dr. told me it was part of it was my weight but the other part was because when my chin goes down when I sleep it close off my breathing. When My Uncle lost his weight he was also able to get off the cpap.

I have been told that sleep apnea has something to do with weight but, I have loudly snored ever since I was a child and I didn’t get over weight until I became an adult.

When I was a kid, my parents had my adnoids and tonsils taken out thinking it would cure my snoring and stop all the infections I was getting. Well, it didn’t work.

So, maybe in some cases weight does have something to do with the apnea and in some cases it doesn’t.

I am just starting tonight to use my CPAP machine. My doctor said that it was not my weight but my narrow throat (asophogas). I am about 70-80 lbs overweight. Does anyone know if reducing your weight helps eleviate the apnea because if I can, I would love to get off this machine as soon as possible.