Sleep Apnea & Obesity

Just curious but is everyone on this forum obese (overweight)?
I would like to see if this is the major problem with sleep apnea or not!
I for one am 70-80 lbs over and was thinking that if I took off the weight maybe my apnea would go away.

Any thoughts?

I was a bit overweight when I started out with CPAP. Now I’ve lost about 30lbs. am thin and I still need my CPAP but the pressure was lowered now that I am thin.


Hi YaYa,

Can you tell me why you were diagnosed with apnea and what reason did they give you?

I have always snored really loud but the main thing is that I was exhausted all the time and couldn’t even sit down without falling asleep. I have fallen asleep driving and hit a construction sign once with kids in my car, one of my own and three that were my friends kids. That was a few years before I was diagnosed. I don’t drive anymore unless I’m alone. I have a thyroid condition, Hashimoto Thyroiditis but that was not the cause of my sleepiness. I’ve had 2 sleep studies in the last 4 years. Didn’t really give me a reason.


Are you overweight too? I weigh about 240 and figure that’s why I have the sleep apnea.

Maybe I have a buildup of fatty tissue in the throat that is closing my airway.
Going to an ENT to get a second opinion and rule out but for now I am stuck with the machine.

I think your weight is a factor because I have a couple of overweight
friends with Sleep Apnea. I was about 30 lb overweight. I lost that weight, am slim
now but still have Sleep Apnea. If you interested in loosing weight, Weight
Watchers is excellent and easy. Also go to Hungry, you can sign up to
receive almost daily info from them on products & recipes. I LOVE their


I am about 150 pounds overweight. I am in the process of getting weight
loss surgery. I suffer with several health conditions. Two of them are sleep
apnea and insomnia. I was told that the sleep apnea is caused by my weight.
They said that I have mild obstructive sleep apnea and if I were to lose the
weight there would be a good chance that I wouldn’t need my CPAP anymore.
Also studies show that 80% of patients that have sleep apnea and have weight
loss surgery are off of their CPAPs in 6-12 months. So, there is a possibility
that both are connected. But like any other health condition, it can vary
person to person. I would discuss this with your doctor.


I lost about 40 lbs and it did help my apnea. I had a sleep study after all the weight loss and they were able to reduce my pressure from 13 to 9. My Pulmonary doctor said that if I lost more weight, that I might eventually get off of the CPAP. Also before the weight loss I had the Septoplasty, UPPP and Tonsillectomy and that help also.

I was diagnosed in Aug 2008 and have used a CPAP ever since - i am obese but since using The CPAP have lost 17kg - is this a normal responce because i have not been dieting

There was a recent documentary Called “Dead Tired” produced and directed by Paul Scott and broadcast by SBS Australia that followed a subject, Seanan Donavon, who for a week underwent a Sleep Deprivation Study simulating tiredness much like the effects of Sleep Apnea.
A blood test showed that after 6 days of just 3 hours per night, his Leptin production (the hormone that manages our hunger urges) had reduced by 50% and his eating habits had deteriorated for the worse.
The inference was that if tiredness was addressed the Leptin would return to more normal levels and help manage our diet/weight.



Good Morning Folks,

I am overweight about 314lbs or around the 21st 12lb mark… depends what happens when i go to Slimming World on wednesday… but i was 25st a few years ago… I have a cpap machine, and use it on a regular basis… but haven’t been able to for the last 9months because of chest infections etc… Can i ask if anyone else who uses a cpap machine finds that if they have an infection that they cannot use the machine or is it just me?

My problem with breathing was diagnosed quite a few years back and then they found that incoming air doesn;t get past the diagphram so i have to be careful when exercising, and need to carry oxygen (we do this by using Sport-Ox kit small and discreet, but unfortunately not cheap)…

A little reminder to all who drive when you have Sleep apnea… especially those in the UK… You MUST report it to the DVLA that you have the condition, if you are getting treated for it then you can still drive, and you have to let your insurance company know also… cause if you have an accident and they find out it was caused by sleep problems then you are not insured and the police and the DVLA could prosecute you for Dangerous Driving…

Take care & Sleep well