Sleep Apnea-Sleep Study?

Hi everyone, I have been on a cpap device now for 2yrs.

Recently I went to my doctor complaining of air leaks all the time and swallowing air. He has set me up for this friday for sleep study to try me on a bi-pap. Which machine is really better for a person w/a titration of 15?

Also because of insurance reason’s they want me to sleep for 4hrs w/out mask and then will put mask on me. I am very nervous about this as I know I will have terrible headache and feel it is too risky. Any advice I almost feel like canceling it and maybe having cpap supplier come out to try fitting me again.

What would anyone suggest?

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It may just be the mask that you have. Do you have a full face mask
that covers your mouth and nose? I finally ended up with one that is
like a cap and sits on my head. The tubing comes over my nose and plugs
in at my nose. It took me a while to get used to this as I am a mouth
breather but with perseverance, I have managed to get used to it and I’m
a 12. I didn’t get diagnosed until my GP had them put a mask ON me and
that’s when they caught my sleep apnea. It supposed wasn’t severe
enough during their regular sleep tests. Have your supplier bring out
several masks to see if they can accommodate you with something that
fits better. You may have to go back to your sleep test lab as they may
have the samples. (That’s where I ended up and the person was such a

Good luck!


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Hi I started on bipap couldnot do it. changed me to cpap, the machines are
improving all the time thought this was better But back to bipap
another NEWmachine and I really like this one thought I would never
say that. Bipap is
much easier less leaks and you donot swallow air worth the overnight study

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Hi MomKBurns and Donna//DBMancu,

Thank you so much fore replying to my post. I sure was worried and about to cancel the sleep study at the last minute. Mainly because they wanted me to sleep w/out a mask for 2hrs. We worked around that though thnk God.

Mom I have tried three different mask’s and you are so right I need to be fitted properly and will be calling the cpap supplier. They fitted me before but it wasn’t quite right. Hospital said instead of medium I should be a small. Yup I have used the full face mask and am a mouth breather also. I hope and pray that once I get fitted properly the mask will not leak anymore. I appreciate your advice and agree it is something definately worth looking into. TC, God Bless…

Donna I am so glad that I did go and you were right it was worth going. Although they are going to keep me on cpap and feel that I do not need the bi-pap. Although had I not gone I would not have found out last night at hospital that not only do I have sleep apnea but also restless leg syndrome. Needless to say I am upset about it and kind of depressed to have two sleep disorders. Thank you for your encouragement on going as it was actually last email I looked at before heading out,that helped push me out the door. TC,God Bless

Diane : )

I left the office early today. If this message arrives after I leave, I will respond to it on the next work day.

Thank you.

Kathy Borthwick

Hi Diane. I know what you mean about going in with one problem and
coming out with two. You ask yourself, “What happened here? I don’t
want this. I came in only to have this tested, why did they have to
find something else?” I share that feeling totally!! It’s a real
bummer and expect yourself to be a bit down for awhile. Soon you will
accept it (we all have to, what other choice?) and you just might one
night find yourself having a really good night’s sleep. I look at my
uncle who has been on the cpap machine for over 20+ years. He has
managed to accept it and do it, I guess I can, right.
I am so glad you tried other face masks and followed your instincts
(about going into the hospital). Keep the faith, you’ll be restless and
get mad, but sooner than not, you will eventually be so tired that your
body will accept everything and you will sleep through the night. Now
that would be heaven!

Keep taking care of yourself and God bless!!!


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