Sleep Lab (can it be done at home?)


I am interested in the sleep lab experience and its cost. Does anyone know anything about gathering measurements of sleepers at home rather than in the real sleep lab?  

I am a computer expert and I've spent most of my working life making measurements of real world variables.  Does a "do it yourself" home sleep lab exist? There are Oximeters available to record a full night for about $600.

 Yours Sincerely

JOhn Brohan 

There are c-pap machines that can atomatically adjust to your needs.  Alot of those machines, higher end machines also are able to record your breathing which can then be downloaded and examined by a doctor. 

So for your answer, Yes it is possible to be tested or studied at home with the use of one of these machines which can often be rented from a medical supply company.

I'm sorry I don't know how much they cost or how much they rent for..

My initial test was at home. I slept with a little microphone attached to my face. The results were significant enough that I had to have the full study including the day time sleeping part. I know the at home part was not expensive but not how much or what it was called. The full test was needed to diagnose CSA instead of OSA. Good luck