I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep due to this condition. I have palpitation and head throbbing everytime i try to. This makes me annxious and panicky. Is there help out there?

Junnior, try listening to total body relaxation tapes. When I am feel anxious at night it helps to go through my body and systamatically relax each part. They are guided and help you learn how to de-tense your body. after foing the tape for a while you will be able to do it naturally without evemn noticing you are doing it.
Good luck to you:)

Try going to bed earlier. It works for me. If I get too tired then I just can’t get past the anxiety. I usually go to bed around 9:00. Also don’t watch stressful or intense TV or other input for the hour or two before bed. I use to watch CSI and House and I’d go to bed and all of sudden I would start worrying about things, usually not related to the show, but after I analyzed when I was having attacks, I realized it was on those two nights each week. Stopped watching them and they’ve disappeared. If you still want to watch something record it and watch it earlier in the day, follow by comedy or something you love.

i agree with not watching television. we’re so flooded now with so many negative violent messages on tv…i’ve started reading before i go to bed and it helps immensely :slight_smile: I just remembered how in college i would fall asleep whenever i tried to read my textbooks, and figured reading would help, and it does. i recommend anything by hemingway, or buechner’s the alphabet of grace.

Thanks for the advice that i got. I’m currently doing regular exercises in the gym. I found out that i sleep better when i’m tired and after a good soak in the spa. I also spend some time in the sauna. I’m going to do this and not take drugs for awhile and see how it goes. Goodluck to me and to all of you!

I used to have this problem… what are your thoughts while you are trying to go to sleep? I found this to be my problem… I really tryed to break it all down and see what the root cause was… Sonny