Sleeping on a slope helps

I am a 72 years old male and I was diagnosed with moderate OSA last May. While waiting for the CPAP device I added a few pillows (I forget where I heard that) and it helped a lot (although it put a strain on my back). I had trouble getting used to the CPAP mask and it did not seem to help in any significant way (more than the pillows), so I sent it back. After a month or so I moved the pillows between the mattress and the box spring so that the head of the bed was about 4 inches higher than the feet. Now on I am sleeping on a slope (about 5%) and I do not have the strain on my back any longer and the sleep apnea symptoms are greatly reduced. I have much more energy than before and my blood pressure seems to be lower (although I continue taking HBP medications).

This is a very simple and inexpensive remedy and I am curious if others have tried it. I am thinking of rasing the head of the bed more but I would like to know other people’s experience before I do that. I cannot think of any possible adverse effects but one can never be sure.

I still use my machine, but like you, I like to sleep with my head elevated. So, I use my machine and extra pillows. I like your idea of stuffing the pillows between the mattress and box spring. I think I’m going to buy more pillows and try that. I also want my husband sleeping elevated because he suffers with acid reflux. Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you how I’d sleep without the machine, but I do believe that we rest better with our heads elevated. I’m glad it works for you! Kelly

Just lifting the head is not enough. I read some place that it may even be counterproductive. I started by putting a pillow under my torso and two under my head. Putting the pillows between matteress and boxspring creates a ramp so there is no stress on your neck (as it would be with pillows under the head only). I bought a couple of sofa pillows and I use those in addition to some regular pillows. Later I saw ads on the Internet where they sell devices to achieve the same effect for over $1000. My total outlay was under $100. I have an extra sofa pillow that I take it with me when I travel by car and that works well enough with the hotel bed. It is now almost six months since I posted the original message and my whole experience has been positive. The inclined bed works!

I have reduced my HBP medication and my blood pressure is under 120/70.

I plan to try a dental device next because there is some room for improvement.

That’s great!! I arrange my pillows in tiers so that they are not just elevating my head - something I am still trying to show my husband how to do with his pillows because he does only elevate his head. I sure like your method better than spending a thousand bucks!


I also sleep like my head elevated, for this purpose I especially bought mattress and pillow from Nest Bedding Mattress sale , because in randomly searching I found stuff especially made for this purpose, so without wasting of my time I bought, now I can say sleep better than before without facing any difficulty.