Slowly being diagnosed

It all started with a trip to the Er back in November. The CT scan showed pale spots. 4 MRI/MRA’s later the MS diagnosis is a Maybe. I have seen Neurologists, MS specialists, Neuro-Opthomologist, Neuro-psyche Dr., Pain management and physical therapists.

I was at the ER this past Sunday bacause I lost vision in one eye at the top left hand side. It came back. I am the Mom of a 2 year old and 5 year old and I am frustraited and tire. So very tired all the time. The right side is numb and I feel like a drag my right foot.


Wow… That does sound like you had a hard time with this. My family has been great about it, but I hid it from them for a while, until after Christmas. Since my Mom’s family has 3 family memebers with MS it is not a such a stretch that I would have it too.

I am not too upset the Dr.'s are showing caution because my Lumbar Puncture did come back negative. I do believe after Monday the diagnosis process may be easier. Ijust hate loosing my sight in the mean time.

i went to see my gp this week with symptons of tiredness, numbness, terrible headache, and i had zig zag lines in front of my eyes, i had read about M S and thought yes maybe i could have that… when the doctor agreed with me i nearly fell of my chair… im sat here feeling hot and as if my skin is burning on my face andmy eyes have heated pokers at the back of them…i feel sad and down have ages before my hospital appointment… and yep im scared


Yes, that first realization is awfull. When I read about MS I was pretty sure with all the holes in my brain I had it. It’s been months now and one Dr. has told me I have MS, but the others are being very cautious and will tell me nothing. Right now we are dealing with it symptom, by symptom. Some of the things that have really helped me are physical therapy and Lunesta. Getting in better shape and sleeping through the night have helped so much!

Hnag in there. This is a very long and scary process. But do not get frustraited, just take it one things at a time. Keep a journal of all the things going on, your Doctors and tests, as well as allergies and perscriptions.