Social withdrawal in young adult males

My son has been very withdrawn for almost a year now. He goes to work, but that’s about it. He is 20 years old and basically stays in his room. He has developed obsessive compulsive tendencies and does not want to interact. He is also shutting his eyes when he speaks with us. I cannot get him to go to counseling and I’m very worried about him. He has some special needs and I am at the end of my rope about how to help him.

its hard to get people to get help when they refuse it. it sounds like he might have social anxiety disorder. i would encourage him to talk about how he is feeling. alot of people with social anxiety disorder will avoid eye contact. theres always the possibility that you can get someone to come to the home for at least the first few visits. What kind of work does he do and do you know whether he interacts with co-workers? information helps alot too. there are books written on the subject which he might be interested in reading. i wish you the best of luck.