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Atypical Polio was first identified in 1934 by a US Public Health Service
investigation of the California outbreak. The Surgeon General took interest
because of the very high number of medical personnel that were affected at the
Los Angeles county hospital. The hospital was dealing with a large number of
Polio cases that summer. This pattern of conditions was similar to many of the
outbreaks of this rare disease that occurred over many years worldwide. The
increased frequency of these outbreaks during the 1950’s brought greater
interest to our disease. Dr Melvin Ramsay and others further defined the illness,
and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis became the recognized term for this neurologic
infectious disease. Dr Richardson could attest that the cases he saw in the
year 2000 have the same disease as patients that he and Dr Ramsay encountered
in the 1950’s: the neurological disease defined as Myalgic

In 1984 the Outbreak at Lake Tahoe heralded the emergence of the massive
modern explosion of epidemic Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). The response from
the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was to initiate a tragic and
devastating pattern of denial, misinformation and confusion about this disease.
The capstone of this deception came in 1988, with the use of a vague
definition, the fabrication of a “new” illness, CFS, along with a disorienting
barrage of propaganda; instead of taking advantage of the advice of the medical
experts and pursuing an immediate investigation of the devastating and growing
ME epidemic. This effort included encouraging journals to never again publish
articles about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

The immediate effect of these actions was to render the medical community
ignorant of the true nature of this disease, and unaware of the established
record of previous outbreaks and reports. With this new CFS label, no one would
realize that it referred to a disease similar to multiple sclerosis, chronic
polio encephalitis or today’s Post Polio. Clearly, in effect a program of

In a stepwise progression, the CDC program to obscure the ME epidemic and
the identity of the disease became broader and more determined. As doctors and
studies revealed more and more of the features (brain scans of damage to the
brain stem similar to polio) and considerable organic abnormalities of ME, so
too, the designs and policies from the CDC to confuse became more elaborate.
A cover-up of grand scale is being institutionalized, with all the trappings
of official interest, appeasement, advisory boards and workgroups, with zero
funding for the infectious causes.

All of these developments would be consistent with a plan to not discover
the cause.
Without regard to the origins of the ME epidemic or why the health
authorities have worked to conceal the epidemic from the public, the effects these
policies on patients is devastating. As patients we know the brutality of both
the medical and social disasters imposed by the CDC policies. They advise
doctors not to do any of the numerous tests that demonstrate the immune,
infectious, central nervous system and metabolic abnormalities that can support the

A principal issue must not be overlooked: Why has ME, which has an
historical relationship to Polio, exploded into a worldwide epidemic, and what is the
inordinate fear of the DHHS to recognize this and discover its cause? (
TCJRME The Committee for Justice and Recognition of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

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