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I have had a really hard time as of late. Am waiting to hear about two biopsies that I had taken through colonoscopy and endoscopy until I have some other ultrasound . But I must say I was so saddened to see Lisa’s post today.Because I haven’t checked in lately, I figured I would send everyone a Christmas greeting this morning and that’s what I found. We all have our terrible times and we retreat as a result of that, understandably but we must respond to eachother when one of us is truly reaching out because that is when we so desperatly need it. So please let us reach out together for a new year. I’m a bit shy to express myself on the forum, better one on one, and I have spoken with several of you but I think I will try to be more open. That’s my new effort for the New Year! So Merry Christmas Everyone and let’s hope we this community has a better New Year!! We love you Lisa. LMA


Hello, CPers and others here:

Gosh, thanks again to each and every one of you for your hugs, private messages, posts, but mostly for all the love and caring that’s been pouring in. I’m still laying here on my back the entire day (literally not getting up, sucking Fentanyl like they were just regular lollipops, waiting on some test results which I’m a little worried about) and an idea popped into my always positive brain. I hope it will give you a laugh, so just keep the tune in your head to “The Twelve Days of Christmas”:

The 12 Days of Pancreatitis (© Lisa Bard)
…Sorry, only last verse is written out:

On the twelfth day my pancreas was very mad at me:
12 Islet transplants
11 Bouts of vomit
10 Front and back pains
8 Pancreatectomies
7 Whipple surgeries
6 Malabsorptions
WAY TOO MUCH PAIN (that’s number 5!)
4 Clueless docs
3 New meds
2 Celiac Blocks
and a bunch of missing enzymes!

Happy Holidays from Lisa/Cager 21…

One question if I could also ask: Do any of you have any experience with enlarged/swollen pancreatic lymph nodes? All I can find leads to cancer info. They did biopsy them, but I don’t know what else it might be and get very scared reading that it’s usually a sign of cancer. Also, they said that my pancreatic ganglia (the nerve branches) were very enlarged, and since Mayo’s never seen this, so far I have no clue what this may indicate either (other than immense pain). If anyone has any experience with either of these and could pass on some info, thoughts, etc., it would be really, really appreciated.

I hope we keep supporting each other and I can’t tell you all how much I wish I could take everyone’s pain away and let us all go on with how life had been. I’m staying determined it will be that way one day again, but I do know how hard it can get and have heard from too many people on this site that they’re going elsewhere or not responding because they’ve felt unsupported. Let’s all do what we can, especially as we struggle into a New Year, to help each other as we are able.

Best and hugs and love to all!



Whoops… In case it didn’t come through, I’ll re-post the song on a separate post. Been having some trouble with this site again…

Many hugs always,



I certainly can not speak for other people but as soon as I joined this site I have experienced nothing but love and support. I have also seen much loving and supporting going on towards others, if it were not for this site and all of the positive attitudes I’m not sure what I would do or where I would be. Yes there are times when there are no posts or replies but I always felt that it was just due to everybody needing a break from this and trying to concentrate on other things. Please don’t give up on this site or yourselves it’s one of the best things that could’ve happened to me. Finding others out there who can understand how I feel and what I have been through. There are so many times(especially before diagosis) that you start to wonder about your sanity and if it really is all in your head. All of you have made me understand that it’s not me but them, this is just such a new thing that the scientists and doctors are still struggling to understand it and come up with effective treatments. Without each other we all would be a lot worse than we are. Stay positive and hopeful, good things will come our way and their will be treatments that will help us all to lead normal lives again. I will continue to pray for all of us and I sincerely hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.


Hi Lisa,

so I guess your home? yeah! Hey I wanted to let you know that I have had enlarged/swollen lymph nodes, mine are pretty much all over my body, my neck being the worst! My oncologist said that our lymph nodes swell to fight off infections, and also did a bone biopsy to look for leukemia? sorry can’t spell…All were NEG. Also I go to Omaha, to see the specialist there to go in and look into all the pain I have in my stomach ache, I was just told last week that my IBS is kicking in again, and that is why I have so much trouble going to the potty! I haven’t had a normal stool in 10+ years, I truly believe it’s just the CP causing all of this, but I will find out soon.

My consultation is Feb. 25th, and we will schedule the surgery after that, maybe if I have the courage to do it??? Ok hon I am so glad your back, and hopefully feeling a little better? I wouldn’t/ok try not to worry about the unknown, as you know it will drive us CRAZY!.. Keep your head high and your thoughts positive ok…Lots of Love, Hugs, prayers for you, and a little for Dave-LOL kiddin’ Ok hon I will be praying for you, and I will let you know as soon as I know something, I will ask my sister/RN if she knows anything about the enlarged/swollen pancreatic lymph nodes ok…

With all my Love,
Barb :slight_smile: