Special dental treatment for my daughters

Is there any list of specialist that will help my dentist guide him on my daughters dental treatment?

Where do you live? Please write to me directly at anitak1982@hotmail.com I will try and help.

We found that the better oral surgeons and orthodontists provided the best guidance for us. We have raised our children in rural communities for the most part, but during the time that we were in the suburbs of Chicago for 3 years we would travel an hour to see an orthodontist who was a professor at the orthodontic school in Chicago. She was leading a research project on supernumerary teeth and ccd in particular, which was wonderful. However, for several years before meeting her we relied on the excellent advice of a great oral surgeon in our town of 100,000. We live in a third location now and use the advice of an orthodontist as well as our dentist, with my own instincts in there also. We sometimes consult with our Chicago dr. by email. The nice thing about today’s digital panorex xrays is they send over the internet! Maybe your dentist could tell you his recommendation for an oral surgeon and you could scheule a consultation to decide if you are comfortable with his
level of experience with ccd. Usually consults are free in the states. This is true for orthodontists also.
Blessings, Sue

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If anyone lives in Alaska, I know three wonderful dentists who will work together to find the best plan that will suit your needs. (A general dentist, an oral surgeon, and an orthodontist). Please contact me at kristan683@hotmail.com if you would like further information. Also, I was able to locate these specialists with the help of the State of Alaska department of Health and Social Services.