Spinal Stenosis and DDD

Would love to hear from those that have this and what they are doing for the pain. Have you had surgery are not. I haven’t had surgery as I am scared to death to let someone cut on my back. Seems one surgery call for another most of the time. I have had this 12 years now, and really suffer from pain. Please let me hear others experiences. God Bless!!

HI I saw your post… I don’t blame you… only other treatments PTherapy, Chiropractor, swimming (if you are able to) I am and found that it helped.
Anyways you posted this one in April - its now Nov I hope that you found a solution to deal with your pain.

I have comparable similur problems with my spin. SS on the Certical, throic and lumbar… I am getting pain in my shoulders and tinging in both right and left hands.
I start another PT session.

Oh well that’s the short store…

Stay well and happy