How many here have a harder time more so in the spring and fall?

I find I am more affected these two seasons... Would like to hear if I am the only one!

Well, now that I look back … it seems I’ve always been more apt to make life-changing decisions during this time of the year.  I’ve had soooo many jobs and have moved soooo many times and a lot of them started in the spring.  Maybe when we’re ‘gearing up’ for the warm season and ‘gearing down’ for the cold, we become more aware of our feelings or something!!!  You made me think anyway. :slight_smile:

I am definitely more affected in spring and fall.  In fall I get depressed thinking about the winter and spring comes on and I start to feel good and go a little manic.  Is that normal?  I know I’ve been pushing myself a little too hard lately and I put alot of pressure on myself.  I wish I could find that healthy balance. I feel like a failure in my life and am doing unhealthy things trying to fill that void I guess.  Whatever I do I tend to go overboard.  Is there any pill that can fix that.  I don’t think so. 

I wish there was a cure-all pill!  I’d swallow it whole in a heart beat. lol … Yes, I know what you mean about the manic spring thing!  Are you on meds?  I’ve been pretty stable for a few months now and hoping it will last.  My pdoc adjusted my meds late last year and we’ve been tweeking them a bit.  I think we’re at a good point right now w/Lamictal, Prozac, Wellbutrin XL and Xanax (prn).  I have a lot of problems sleeping (manic) so I’m on sleep meds too.  :slight_smile:

Oh don't I wish there was such a pill *pouts* All though I don't think there is such thing as normal... I do know I tend to get in more trouble in the spring.. Kinda like I'm waking up after being asleep all winter and need to make up for lost time. I'm trying to eat a bit better and taking walks ... Maybe the trick is just staying busy..

I don't work so as long as I don't get too bored I'm safe. If not then I can find lots of trouble... Hope we can all help each other! Most of my family and friends don't under stand


Your post made me think!  So far this spring I have: kept my grandkids for a weekend  which wore me out.  The baby was sick and cried all night long.  I have signed up for a class in French.  I’ve been to Tampa.  I am going to start keeping my grandkids every Wednesday and am planning our day trips already.  And I’m going to Denver next month.  Quite a change from my usual routine.  Is it spring or is it the illness spiral?

I find i do get slightly more manic in the spring and the summer.  At the end of January I was extremely sick and suffering a lot of back and abdominal pain and as I work as a nurse it only excerbates if my back is aching whilst working.  During this sickness bout I also had extreme insomnia and was only sleeping 2-3 hours per night for approximately 10 days along with some mania went on a bit of a spending spree and now have the credit card bill to pay off now.  Why do i put this pressure on myself financially after a manic phase.  Had some dramas then left my old job and only working as on call casual nurse bank so I never know when I will or wont work.  Now im keeping very busy but only sleep till 5am and try to cram as much into a day as I can then drop with exhaustion.  Trying to find the right balance and go for a walk along the beach today!!!

I wonder how much these feelings have to do with exposure to sun light. I haven’t really paid much attention but a friend brought up a similiar thing the other day