Staph infections with ecezema

Can being hospitalized multiple times for staph with having severe ecezema be dangerous or is this common? (Keep in mind my nephew is 6 and has been hospitalized 4 times in the past couple of years)

Hi Thibby,
Staph aureus (SA) and eczema go hand in hand, with some authors suggesting that 90% of children with eczema will have staph aureus (SA) carriage on their skin, which isn’t bad in it’s self. However when the SA enters the skin via eczematous lesions then all hell can break loose. The eczema becomes unresponsive to treatments. The theory being that the by products of SA aggrevate the eczema, so until the SA is brought under control the skin won’t begin to heal.
Whilst it is absolutely misreable, it is uncommon for children to develop serious systemic problems ie septacaemia. But the younger the child the higher the risk.
What I tend to do, if a child has recurrent infections is to swab them and close family members, especially the inside of their noses (where SA loves to hang out). then any reservoir of SA can be treated, either with topical or oral anti biotics.
Hope this is of help

I have eczema on my legs and its been really bad… I have a case of Cellulitis at the moment and had it not long ago as well. They have taken swabs and i am awaiting the results. one thing i have stopped is the steroid creams as I was on them with out a break in ages. So just stopping them to see if skin improves. I am hoping it will improve the skins texture as it has become very leathery in texture and thin, because steroid creams/ ointments can thin skin i believe. I am back on antibiotics that only seem to help temportarily… the doctors say that the next step is to try oral streroids which i am reluctant to use because last time i tried them it cleared temporarily again then came back with vengence and more infection probs.

My legs are very red and swollen… I have tried everything but due to the cellulitis and weeping, then the application of creams, my legs become a “dust and fluff” gatherer, which then encourages me to itch more. I have asked about bandaging my legs but the docttors say that this is a oldfashioned treatment and that it is best if the air can get to them. So I dont really know what is best… all I can do is bathe them regularily and apply lots of Diprobase cream in and out of the bath or shower. This cream does help in the relief of the soreness but sometimes I feel due to the oiliness it makes me itch more as it dries. Thus causing more infection and so the cycle continues. Any suggestions?

Thanks x