Starting a camp


I was just wondering what everyone thought about starting a camp for children with bleph? If for nothing else than for all the children to meet and make new friends? Does anyone think this is a good idea or have any ideas on how to get this started?


I think it is an awesome idea!
I think it would have to be some sort of overnite experience and maybe include families as well so that we can meet and network and most importantly our kids can meet others with BPES. Maybe it can change places depending on those interested and trying to make it available for everybody.
Just some thoughts…would love to hear others ideas.



My family would love to participate in such a great activity. Let us know what we can do to help!



Depending on the size and scale of the camp, there are probably many grants available to begin such an endeavor. Although my son is just a baby now, I know I’d like him to have friends with similar situations. For the time being, scheduling random events at fun locations (like Chuck E. Cheese) may be an option. 'Just a thought…


We should figure out who is interested, our locations, and a location thats close to everyone as possible. And then, plan from there.


I would love it if we could meet with other people. When Ruthie sees the pictures of the other children she gets excited and says “They have eyes like me!”


I think it would be a great idea.