Sticky Stuff

I frequently get real thick sticky stringy secretions in my sinuses that I have a hard time removing. It reminds me a lot of that gak slime stuff they used to make for kids to play with. I feel like I could blow my nose for hours and it wouldn’t come out. I can literally pull this stuff out and almost have to in order to get rid of it. I’m sure that this is a major culprit for sinus infections and was just wondering if this is something normal that people with PCD or KS encounter and if so how do you relieve it?

Those thick secretions are normal for KS /PCDers because we don’t have the cilia to move them. My daughter uses saline rinses and there are suction devices that some people use to suck the secretions out.
Hope this helps.

Somebody in our group called them “bungee boogers” and it’s a problem all of us PCDers have. The best way I know of to deal with them is sinus rinses with saline or hypertonic saline, one or more times a day. It is AMAZING how helpful these are! The VERY best way I’ve found to deal with them is to do a hypertonic saline sinus rinse and then actually vacuum the stuff out; this is done with either a medical suction machine or something like the one I have, made by a dear friend, which uses my own household vacuum cleaner for the suction part (no, all that mucus DOESN’T go into the vacuum cleaner, it’s trapped in a glass jar, which you empty and clean out.) It’s done wonders for me!

Lars (51, PCD/SI, SC)

mcnittka wrote:

i frequently use afrin nasal drops.twice daily.
i may use alkaline nasal wash.
sometimes claritin tablets helps me.especially when i use pseudoefedrine with it.
flixonase makes the secretions more thin,but does not relieve the running nose.
if there is some sort of allergy,singulair is very effective on the long run.

Bungee Boogers!! That’s Exactly what they are!! I have tried saline rinses in the past but probably not long enough to really see results- I will try again now that I’m older and a bit more conscientious about all this stuff. Can someone give me some more info or details about these suctioning devices? Where do you get one and is it hard to do by yourself? How do you know where/what you’re suctioning or does it come with practice? Thanks.