Still finding our way

Hi! My huband was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 9 months ago. His total apneas were 182 for the 5.8 hours of “sleep” during 8.8 study hours. He was than placed on a cpap at 16. Suffocating feeling, not being able to breathe, too much pressure to catch breath, mask coming off and short machine time all finally allowed the dr to change about 3 months ago to bipap at 14/12. One hour a night is all we are up to all these months later. He looks forward to the mask but it always comes off. Nudging to put it back on brings an “I will. Just give me a few minutes” If it goes back on somewhere in the remainder of the night the time is included in the one hour. Anyone have any advice as to how we can increase the time. Usually he says he didn’t know the mask came off or his nose tickled or he had to use the bathroom. He also seems to have lke sleepwalking episodes, snacking, wandering, bathroom that he does not remember in the am. He admits he gets anxious sometimes but generally has a positive attitude on the whole process working and all of the results to come. As for me, I am at a loss as to wake him if he snores on the machine or off, setting alarm to put mask on, if he’s in deep sleep, all of that stuff that maybe would let me help him be successful. He snored on cpap harder than bipap but now has a light snore, but not nightly. No reading of information has been done since he started the bipap so we have no idea of improvement during that hour or not. I have learned today how to read the info from last night so I have something ourselves to track although not completely understanding all of it. Any feedback would be more than welcomed.