Stomach problems (muscle)

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Is there anyone out there, who has the same problems at the end of the stomach, so where the food enters the intestines? I went to see my doctor today, as my belly is so thick from about afternoon untill I go to bed. At night I seem to be 4 month pregnant! Really!!! Furthermore I have diarrea and stomach aches. As they botoxed me, they did a gastroscopy of course. They then saw food in my stomach (so it’s not the dumping syndrome). I had dinner about 14 hours before! I knew that I still had food in my E. at about 4.00 in the morning (I woke up because of that), but in the morning that had gone. My Dutch surgeon told me he might have damaged a abdomen nerve, which would heal in a couple of month’s time.

So I went to me doctor (not my surgeon) today and asked him whether something could be done about that one. I had already tried several medicins to get my stomach and intestines work better/quicker. He asked me some questions and told me he thought the muscle at the end of the abdomen didn’t relax enough. Yahoo, another damned muscle not working!!!
He isn’t sure and asked me to be patient and see how things would be in a couple of months. As I can now eat more and more it could also be a case of my stomach having to relearn normal foods. Yet, I have these problems ever since my surgery. Before I also had them but less heavy. Maybe less heavy as there was so little food entering my stomach?

I just don’t know and wonder. It’s no problem like the achalasia problems I know. It’s just a nuisance which I don’t want to have. I’ld like to get rid of my diarrea and I’ld like to have a normal belly again. So if anyone has any idea???

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I get like this every now and then ever since I had my gallbladder removed. Usually when I eat stuff that makes my A act up. I even rushed to the hospital a couple of times because the cramping was so severe and my tummy was bloated that I worried I had some sort of intestinal blockage.

I think its IBS or just delayed emptying caused by the surgery. I don’t get it often now. I had my gallbladder surgery late last Oct. so it’s been a couple of months since my tummy is back to normal. I’m eating yogurt daily now and that has helped. Metamucil also helped in the beginning.

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Yep, been there done that. Had a pyloraplasty and that pretty much fixed it! Large cut down the center of my tummy and they snipped the lower sphincter muscle. Stomach emptys pretty good now!!!

I have several stomach issues. I continued to have severe pain and slow emptying of my stomach contents sometimes up to 36 hours–everytime I would have an endoscopy or other test they would still see food like I had just eaten.

I finally had to go to the Mayo clinic in Philidalphia(after being told it’s in my head. The same thing I was told about my RSD, imagine that!) I was DX with Gastroparesis, I don’t know if you have ever had any test run for this.
If not it would’nt hurt to ask your Doctor about it? I don’t know if I have helped you or not however, I hope they find help for you and God Bless you.

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Kris Baker

Hi I have achalasia and plyloric stenosis. they dialated my stomach and my
spincter I also had botox in both. this is happened years after I had a heller
myotomy and nison wrap. My achalasia is still bad. I use reglan for my

It seems to help some. hope this helps someone.