Stress Factor


Does anyone else find that stress plays a factor on your neuralgia? I find my pain vastly increases when I am under stress!


Stress is a major factor when dealing with my T.N.

Any time I am under pressure,the pain begins.
Lack of sleep will also trigger an attack-Cold weather will trigger an attack along with talking too much or laughing too much.I am learning to deal with my new life.(5+years and counting)


OH yes!!?? Stress always increases mine.? I am going to take a stress management course next week, because I absolutely have to learn some better ways of dealing with stress. You can’t get away from stress, its always going to happen somehow somewhere.

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Yes, stress always made my pain worse and more frequent. It also interfered with my sleep which also made the pain worse in turn interfering with my sleep which would cause me to stress even more etc etc… bad circle


I am a patient advocate with the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. For
10 years I have researched a new diet therapy that stops TN pain by limiting
saturated fat. Not all fats. Just the excessive saturated fat in the American
diet. I made a presentation on the history and effectiveness of this diet at
TNA’s 2004 National Conference at the Disney World Resort. To try this diet, email your mailing address to or call 248-642-7235 for an eight-page report with diet instructions, the diet’s history, testimonials, and the amount of saturated fat in 140 foods.

If you have typical TN and are currently in pain, or would be in pain if you
stopped medication, I would like you to consider enrolling in a study I am conducting to establish the efficacy of this diet.


I am a singer. I was diagnosed with TN a few weeks ago. I have not done any public singing until tonight.Stress definately makes it worse. The only thing that got me through was deep low diaphramatic breathing and praying . I hope that helps