`I am still kind of new to this Addison’s disease (diagnosed April 2008). But I am wondering if others have noticed if stress is conected with weight gain. I feel like I have my weight under control one day and the next my pants are too tight. I do weight watchers, and exercise daily trying to control my weight, sometimes I feel this is a lost cause. I am under a lot of stress right now, my husbands job is in jeopardy (with his company 28 years) not sure if we will have an income come 2009. Does anybody have any advice for me on this subject?


you are definetely right about the effect that stress has
on addison’s. i have been struggling with it since 02-07.
my endo called today about my blood tests that i had
monday-----not good—no cortisol production at all----
my electrolytes are all out of whack. i am on 60mg of
hydrocortisone and 0.5 florinef. he said that i had to
continue on that. i am under a lot of stress with my health
issues as well as the fact that our daughter and her 2 year
old son will probably be moving in with us in jan. my husband
is in the process of remodeling the downstairs to make room for them. i can not work as much now, so our income is
taking a dive!! i have no energy at all, so, yes, STRESS is
definetely correlated to addison’s.
good luck!!!

well, now i am on 80mg of hydrocortisone for 10 days as
i am now in the middle of an addisonian crisis----not fun!
i barely have the energy to make it out of bed.
hope everything is going better you all of you!

Since this whole thing is new to you, I have the following suggestion: You will most likely gain weight for a while. Chances are that you lost a fair amount before they finally figured out that you had Addisons, and your weight will jockey up and down for a while until you get a handle on the whole thing, so if you temporarily put on a few pounds, it should be no big deal. It probably took me 4 or 5 years to balance my weight. Try not to sweat it. Watch your diet and get plenty of exercise. Avoiding stress is much better for you!