After having a stroke that may have been caused by having FMD, has anyone else had a relapse with another stroke?

I am trying my best to stay a step ahead. I am looking for trouble before it happens. Trying to get local Drs to listen is a BIG job. But I have not had any more strokes or hemorrages.

Hey, Melva…

It’s Betty, your friend from the other FMD site…

Please post there again…you’re missed, you know that…you MET some of the main “posters”…

Your input is needed…missed. Remember how many members there are that READ, but don’t post…

And, how many you have encouraged to attend Study (NIH) to…TRY AND FIND THOSE OBJECTIVE ANSWERS WE’RE ALL LOOKING FOR!!!

Miss you,
your FMD sister,

Melva… I am with Betty, you are missed by everyone. I loved our conversations while drinking my coffee in the morning! Melva you are a person that inspires us to think outside the box, to look at things from a different perspective. I was the new person on the block and I really learned a lot from you. I have only started my FMD work up and I know this sounds selfish, but I know when I do my next round of testing I want to beable to bounce things off you, get your opinion because I value what you have to say! (Ask Betty, I am very particular who I get my information from…ha ha :}!!! ) Kari

Dear Koepke,

What kind of treatment have you had in regards to your stroke? Did you have angioplasty/stent of the carotids? Kari

Hi Betty,

I’m sorry I haven’t read your post but I can’t find my
password right now and I am so computer stupid. I
will try to find it, if not I know I can get another

Hope you are doing well.

Ronni & Ruby