Surgey for sleep apnea

My husband is having his second consult with a surgeon who recommends GAHM with UPPP . can anyone out there that has had any of these surgeries give us some info on recovery time and complications and if the surgery has helped. My husband is 37 and can not mentally or physically adjust to the fact of needing to wear CPAP the rest of his life… thanks

I had the UPPP done and recovery time was about a week and a half. The surgery did not cure my apnea however it did improve it. As a side note I have to be more careful about eating as is is easier to choke on my food than it was.

I had a UPPP done. It did not work & I had the worse sore throat ever for 10 days. It is not worth the pain. I have met other people that had a UPPP & it has never worked. My advice would be do not have it done.

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According to research UPPP alone is only 50% effective usually for mild to moderate cases. i want to know if anyone has had genioglossus advancement and hyoid myotomy. this combined with UPPP is 80% effective( supposedly) for severe OSA

I’m afraid that your husband is going to have to get used to wearing a CPAP/BiPap since surgery is not a panacea for sleep apnea. Why spend all that time and money on something that’s not going to work?

I am not sure as to the success of surgery, but my doctor told me that he was not going to have me do it. His reasons were that it is very painful and there was the possibility that it may not even work.
Has anyone had real success with surgery?