Swallowing problems and GI problems

what is the cause of the gulp problems

Google “22q11”, there is lots of information about the syndrome - some of it is geared towards caregivers/parents. Much of it is medical studies, but you can find it if you look through a bit.

Not sure what you mean by gulp problems? - but there is information about swallowing disorders, etc.on the web, and many reasons for them…

I’m not sure what site I got it from, but there is a great “handbook” that discusses in general terms the possible various physical and mental challenges, and some tips for dealing with the different ages. It is from the U.K.

Hope that helps.

my son had issues with swallowing, the fluid would go into his lungs and he had to have syrup thick liquids until his surgery last november. they put biological stryfom(probably misspelling) into his lyranex. his ent found it. and it is cured now. he has no problems.

I’d try to get seen by an ENT specialist. It could be from many causes. reflux? a very small cleft palate causing swallowing problems?

We had lots of problems with his. There was no cleft at all but we were still aspirating. His platate and the muscle involved were not functioning right. We saw the cleft palate team, the GI and a feeding theraoist( who taught him and me to eat properly), if they didn’t do a swallow study you may want to ask for one it shows alot and is not invasive like an upper GI.