Swelling + Smarter Docs


Hi Nanny, 

Yes, it does blow us up like parade balloons doesn't it?!? Maybe you've seen me in the Macy's parade - Goofy? I've had swelling all over sometimes, with no change in diet, meds or activity. Then, I've had swelling in just my hands or my feet or feet and legs. My feet can swell so much I might as well buy footballs, slice 'em open and wear 'em.

Did you ask your doctor what the particular cause might be? Has he or she seen it when it happened? Sometimes they don't quite get it unless they see it so it's a good idea to take photos and make copies. Save a set for your private files and give a set to your doctor. I've found that pictures really can speak louder - or more beliveably - than words, when our symptoms are beyond their understanding.  

Just the other day my doctor - not even a specialized lupus doc but the best one I've had - said, "Medicine is more about questions than answers; no doctor knows everything and none of us are always right. There's a lot of guesswork". So, anything we can do to help them 'get the picture' will be a plus for us.

Hoping you'll feel well and won't swell!





One time when I was in the hospital.....I don't remember for what.... My legs swelled up like elephant legs.  I was on liquid antibiotics, but the doctors told me it wasn't from that.  When I say doctor s .... just that:  oncologist, infectious disease, COPD and the Roomyrheumatologist.


Docs:  Are you sure your legs aren't like these normally?

Me: HELLO!?!!?!!   NO!!  


They then signed me up for the theraputic room for me to learn to walk on them. 

Three days later, the swelling went away and still connected to the antibiotic pole, I took myself to the nearest bathroom, put the shower on and began to smoke there. 



I swell up also,my legs, arms hands and feet. Hmmmm i wonder if my stomach is swelling also or if thats gained weight? I don’t hardly eat anything because of IBS, and i walk 1 1/2 to 2 miles at least 3 times aweek.
I won’t even ask my husband, i know what he would say.


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