Swollen Glands

O.K. I am tired of this relapse. Don’t have time for this anymore. What does everyone do for the swollen glands?

hi sandy.i went through the swollen glands and all that crap in my early years of CFS not much anymore,the only thing that helped me was to massage the area involved and then use a hot wrap for a couple of hours but everyone is different.i hope you feel better soon, don

Me too. I think alot of what is going on with me is that my therapist does not believe in CFID’s and she is pushing more toward sleep apnea being my main concern where I feel that sleep apnea is being taken care of and it is the CFID’s that is the core of my issues. The sleep apnea is controlled as much as it will and I guess maybe I need to look at seeking a new therapist!

Sandy, Which glands are bothering you the most? Mine are usually in my neck, sometimes it hurts to turn my head but luckily they have been okay. I think you should try to find someone who believes in CFS if you are using your machine at night then that shouldn’t be the problem. I had to change doctors before I got any help/

hi sandy ,follow your gut feelings ,dump the therapist and find a DR that truely believes in CFS/FMS. you must believe that you can return to good health and pursue any avenue that leads you there

I am thinking of doing that too. Mine are in my neck and thank God for Tylenol because it helps me. Sometimes I can’t even swallow :"(

I am so sorry you are feeling so bad. Last June my were so bad they made me get a biopsy and one doctor told me I had throat cancer, needless to say that is the doctor that I don’t go to anymore. The did give antibotics for about 3 weeks after the biopsy and that did help, but I was having problems again a few weeks back and I have been going the natural route and I seem to be doing better.

I just feel like crying. I hate relapses and I hate feeling this way. Wow on your biopsy. In 1997 they told me I hade Hogkins Lymphoma and had all these tests done and I was terrified. It was not that and I took antibiotics too. Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

im glad to hear that… i mean… getting sick is better i think than CFS symptoms that can just stay there.

((((((((hugs))))))))) sorry to hear about your glands. I only had very bad problems with my neck glands for the first 18 mths of this illness, (mine were up so big at times and eatting, felt like trying to swallow razer blades, it really killed. I think you probably understand what that is like (((hug))).

The only time I get trouble with them now is if I go and are overdoing things and not resting enough, then I risk them very slightly going up. I find avoidance of bringing the problem in, the way to go as that was one symptom, that for me, nothing helped (maybe applying heat did but only just a very little) except more rest and avoiding worst relapse. I suggest to cut back on the things you are doing as obviously its putting more strain on your body and your immune system is having to fight something even more. (that is why glands go up… means your immune system is working to fight something).

Juice… i assume you meant cider vinegar…:slight_smile: yeah that can be great for things.

" I think alot of what is going on with me is that my therapist does not believe in CFID’s "

Lack of sleep wouldnt stop one from being able to eat!!! You need to find a new doctor… are you currently looking for one?

Well I ended up getting sick and that may explain the glands being so swollen. I hate being sick.

Second time around for this Upper Respiratory stuff. Hope this works. Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi guys,

Your therapist doesnt sound very good. I agree with the others, perhaps its time to get a new one.

Also for all kinds of swelling some natural herbs and spices are meant to be very effective. they contain anti-inflamatories that are very good at tackling swelling around the body. May be they can help.

Check out the blog, there is an article on there about some anti-inflamatories