Good Morning All,
I am wondering if anyone has had a sympathectomy. I am looking for information. I know what it is and what the surgery does. I just want to know how you feel afterwards, what are the limitations and such?? I am goig to Clevelnad Clinic and then has been suggested where I am at now. Although yet another Doc recommended amputation (not). So am reall curious and need some guidance. Good wishes to all and a great day.

I have had a sympathectomy. I have RSD in my upper left extremity. A neurosurgeon referred me a thorasic surgeon who had perfected a minimally invasive sympathectomy. I call it a total success. My edema, pain and burning became tolerable. I have atrophy and little use of the hand. Touching it at times (by my husband) is uncomfortable, but my quality of life increased tenfold. Honestly, I contemplated suicide. I was given pain meds 100 at a time. Most doctors were baffled. My RSD set in post a stroke at age 42. My occupational therapist is the one who figured it all out… bless her!

I think I was lucky that it was in an upper extremity.