I thought maybe we could all share our favorite MS symptoms.

Mine us currently weakness and numbness on the right side and loss of peripheral vision in my right eye.

I also have Utoff’s symptom. I loose color and vision in my left eye if I heat up.

The toes locking up are the worst so far pain wise.

my wife has been through the numbness on one side, lost of vision, tire and weekness,. She also has problems with her hip, when she was first diagnosed and had the numbness, tingling and lost vision, her doctors put her on steriods now she has a hip problem and the doctors said it could be from the steroids. It has gotten so bad, she now walks with a bad limp and the doctors said she is not getting any blood circulation in the hip, some type of nercrosis, and she will now need a hip replacement surgery that she is always putting off, that could be a reason for the different mood swings.She also tends not to think very clearly and has a bad short term memory, but the long term memory is excellent, getting mad and lashing out at me now for things that has happened over ten years ago.

It started with icy/hot feeling on top of my left thigh and optic neuritis in my right eye…thankfully that is gone.
I have fatigue, off and on tingling and/or slight burning in my legs and feet.
I also have some leg weakness. If I clean, or mop, or walk for about 15 minutes straight… I start to heavily limp, especially on my left side. I also have what feels like I pulled a muscle behind my left leg from back of knee to mid-calf off and on each day.
Problems with heat…alot. I have to keep my freezer stocked with icees because I get heated in my sleep and have to get up and eat about 3 and then go back to bed. This has been going on for about 4 months…only a few nights am I able to sleep the whole night through without waking up.
I also have incontinence and emptying problems…yay…lol