Symptons pf PV

I appreciate the opportunity to join a group of fellow suffers. I live in Australia and one of my main symptons has been excessive heat, not good on 40degree centergrade days. I never wear jumpers or tight clothing around my neck and am always hot, at night my feet hang out of my bed to try and keep me cool. Once I am hot the itches start and my doctor says I need to stay cool. This is not easy to do. Does any one else suffer from this heat thing, it also makes me very tired. Other symptons are the tingling in my fingers and toes, a very ruddy complexion and a very enlearged spleen that is often uncomfortable. I am on 2 capsules of hydrea daily and plebs every 3 months and my blood counts are holding on the top level of normal range. Doctor is pleased and yes - he does say it will not kill me - but I too sometimes just wish I could get better and not always feel unwell. Marg

I suffered from the heat thing also for about 4 years when i lived in California. I would get so bad i would break out in what I called cowflop swet. I could be wringing wet in less then a minute. I had my splen removed and now instead of running hot I am always cold. It is getting so that I need to wear a sweater if the air conditioner is on and it is set for 75 degrees. lil