Tattoo over becker nevus, who has experience?

Im 22 years old and i have a Becker Nevus since i’m 12 years old between my breast and stomage. Its 5x8cm (so I think its a small one actually).

I really dont like it and I’ve heard that any Laser-treatment is expensive with mostly no success.

So I’m thinking of getting a Tattoo.

1. Unfortunately I read a lot of stuff in the web where it is written that Tattoos should not be made over any kind of nevus… How did you guys convince the Tattoo-guy to make one? I think in my country (switzerland) they would refuse it…

2. I can immagine that a Tattoo looks good over it, but what happens after the years? Is there anybody who did this more than 2 years or even long before?

3. Are there any pictures available?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Looks great lucasikuta!! I got a tattoo over my bn yesterday and I can already feel way better plus my tattoo turned out pretty bad ass.

I also thought about getting a tattoo to cover up my nevus, but never worked up the courage. Looking back, I’m glad I never did, and my BN is much larger (and probably hairier) than yours. Anyways, based on the research I did, it seems like it’s possible to cover it up with a tattoo, but in response to your questions:

1. I don’t think tattoo artists in America are as regulated as in Switzerland, and there are more of them. I’m sure if you explained to them the reasons why you want this tattoo, they’d be more inclined to help.

2. The color of the skin affects the color of the tattoo. So, your tattoo, depending on how dark it is, would probably still be visible with most tattoos, unless you designed a tattoo that somehow fits your birthmark in such a way that only 1 color is over your birthmark. You will probably have to go back every couple of years to get it touched up.

Let us know how it goes!

Wondering the same thing, It would be nice if someone could provide pictures.

I found a really experienced but also expensive artist who will take a look at my BN tomorrow. My idea is to get tattoed within the next 3 months.

So i’m excited what he will tell me tomorrow what is possible and what not.

edit: So he told me that it’s possible. I have an appointment in 2 months. I’ll get a black’n’grey tribal to cover it.

ok, the Tattoo is done now and it’s looking great. The BN is 80% covered with a blackngrey tribal. The 20% that is still visible is part of the tattoo. Pictures will follow

i have always found indecision in tattoos but i have thought of tattoos on my unaffected skin. i have a simple line design in mind but also i thought of MUTTLEY the hannah barbera dog in whacky races. both designs bear a great relation to my emotional feelings about my body. the line design is of a man. you can draw it using strait lines, the pen must never leave the paper and the lines meet at the end like a puzzle. i can always draw it on paper until i make my mind up. pwhen i laugh i sometimes wheeze like mutley but definitely in black and grey

I had my tattoo (over the BN) 7-8 years ago (can’t really remember). It still looks great and I feel great I did it, changed my life dramaticaly.

Great to see happiness found from tattoos over BN guys and girls. Hopefully you’ll find time in your lives to post some pics!

How did those around you react to the tattoos?




Hi guis, I did a tattoo 2 years ago, and no regrets. I’m very happy.
If you have any question send me a e-mail and I send a photo.


1st. session

last session:

I Got a tattoo over my nevus 5 years ago… tbh the skin doesnt take all of the color, since the pigment is so deep into the skin… if u need to cover BN with a tattoo, i suggest u go get permanent Hair removal, before u getting tattooed.

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But i must admit, ur tattoo cover ups looks awesome