Tattoo over beckers nevus


My name is brent. I’m a 22 y/o male with a beckers nevus on my right shoulder.

It seems like a beckers nevus isnt such a big deal to those who surround you. if you take care of the hair its just tanner looking skin. Ive had girlfriends who have had no problem with it.

However it becomes more of a personal concern. its an eyesore every time you see it. has anyone heard of or had experience getting tattoos over it? The way i see it, if life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

I would rather have a beautiful piece of artwork than a weird brown spot.


If anyone interested in getting a tattoo I heard there’s a special ink that lets lasers, laser it off in 1 session instead of 5-10 sessions. If I would get a tattoo, I would think about getting 1 with this special ink. In case you want to change it.

Hi there. Yes, I would like to know what kind of designs people have come up with. If anybody has any good links to sites with pictures too, that would be good as well. Looking forward to hearing from peoples experiences.

When we were all hanging out at the Beckers Nevus Yahoo Group, there was a few guys who got tattoos. I wish I kept the pic he sent me but I can tell you that it looked very good from the pictures. I thought it would look odd trying to cover over a darker area of skin but you could not tell a difference. Again, this was from a picture, I am not sure what it looked like in person.

I am in my mid 30’s and to me, it’s not a bid deal. However, my nevus is on my lower hip (ok, it’s on my upper ass…) so you can’t really see it even with my shirt off unless I was totally butt naked.

I also considered getting a tattoo at one time but…I am not sure if it’s worth it now. If I did get a tattoo, I would probably take a picture of the nevus and have someone create custom artwork to work with the boarders and outline of the nevus. Also, I am not sure I would try to cover it up with bright/light colors since tattoos do fade over time and that might show thru eventually. I would probably get something black/grey and white. If I did do color, it would have to be dark colors.

As far as content, I would like to get a tat that actually means something to me. I mean, I don’t want some big honkin eagle or dragon on my upper ass cheek just to cover up a birthmark. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo of a Beckers Nevus on my other ass cheek so at least I’ll have symmetry.

Haha. that shit was hella funny. ive said the same thing.

Hi Lee,

Your BN seems to be mostly on your butt, so not too bad. Mine is on my right upper chest area so very much in your face if you take your shirt off. I have been speaking to a guy in USA who is on this forum called Brent, who seems to be keen to have a tattoo as we speak. It will be interesting to see what kind of design he will pick and how it will come back. If Brent is reading this, then please inform us of your progress!!

I have checked out some tattoo sites, and it is amazing that so many people have tattoos. However, most people I know only have a discrete tiny tatoo, on their arm or on their butt. I only know of one guy, who doesn’t have a BN who has practically tattooed his entire body. He goes to a boxing gym and its what those guys do there? He has no BN too.

It is one thing to decide to go for a tattoo, but another to decide what to tattoo. Like you said, putting a great big dragon or tiger there will definitely raise an eye brow or two with my friends!. It would seen quite bizarre when I’m sure my friends think I’m quite a reserved person.

Will definitely keep looking at all the photos of tattoos that people have and try and get some inspiration!

Yes, I guess I should consider myself ‘lucky’ that my nevus hidden. However, in terms of covering it up with a tat…what would look more normal, a tat on a guy’s back/chest,shoulder? Or…one on a guys right asscheek? I mean, how many guys get a tattoo on their ass? Like I said, my nevus is mostly below the waistline but part of it is slight above. You can see mottled pigmentation slightly above my right rear buttcheek but it’s tough to see unless you’re looking for it. If i covered the entire nevus with a tattoo, part of the tattoo would be above the waistline. For me, getting a tat would call more attention to that area.

As for what kind of tat I could see myself getting…tough one. I’m Asian so maybe some kind of Japanese or Chinese mural (carp or whatever). No dragons or tigers or skulls for me tho. I’m trying to think of something that I can stand to look at when I’m 75 y/o.

Then, there is the kid factor. I’m old (compared to most people here) and I have a kid. How am I going to explain to her that yes…I have a tattoo but no…I don’t want her getting one. Most of you don’t have kids yet but I can tell you from my 6 years of experience with mine, they don’t always do what you say…they do what you do.

What are you guys/gals planning to do about the hair? Mine is not that hairy but there is slightly more hair there than normal. When you get a tat…they will shave it but it’ll just grow back. Fuzzy dragon? Skull with hair growing? Maybe we should get furry animals like a bear or a panther?


Yeah, got to find a tattoo that is subtle enough to make the BN area look like a tattoo on purpose, but not so god dam obvious that is stands out more than the BN in the first place!

Going to check out some of the south pacific island tattoos. They have a culture of tattooing I have heard. Maybe they started because they tend to walk around with little underpants on all the time, and some people had BN’s? So it became culture to tattoo everybody so everybody was happy? Just a crazy thought.

I don’t think I would cope with a large colourful tattoo of an animal. I think mine would have to be a cool design or something that subtely blended with the BN. I suppose the only way is to go for a consultation with a tattoo artist after doing lots of research of the designs you like, then ask for their artistic opinion? Hopefully they may have come accross this before and have had experience.

If anyone knows of a recommended tattoo artist in England who has experience of covering up a BN then please post their contact details!

Hey warren –

Upload some before and after pics after you get the tattoo if you could please. I’m sure we would all like to see how it came out.

Hi Warren,
I’m glad you agree with all that was written! It has been extremely helpful to talk about this with other guys and girls, as this opportunity never usually presents itself in everyday life.

I would be very interested to see before/after/inbetween pictures of the whole procedure. I agree with your comments on paying for a custom designed tattoo, and not worrying about the price. Like you said, at the end of the day you have to live with this for the rest of your life.

If you posted this yesterday, then today is the big day!? I’m in England, so there could be a time difference and you could be doing it as we speak.

Keep us posted!

Warren, did you research Permanent Makeup. From what I hear, it’s like getting a tatoo, but it uses color to match your skin.

Yes I have heard of permanent makeup but never did much research into it- There were some parts of my tat where white was used to accent things. It’s definitely worth looking into.

How did your tatoo go? Do you have a pic of it?

hey wat about gettin a tattoo the same colour as your skin over the naevus? will it cover it completely?


yours is light anyway… mine is alot darker

i got a huge tribal tat over mine on my shoulder… i am gonna get electrolysis probably to remove hair and then get it touched up again

its almost invisible as is… especially when i have had some sun.

thanks for sharing the pics… later

doesnt anyone knw someone who has done ths permanent makeup thing?? i was also thinkin abt plastic surgery…that can work na?? please giv me some hope!!

Hi Warren,

Cheers for posting your BN photo’s. Thats the first time I’ve seen someone tattoo over it. Like somebody else said, yours is quite light in colour anyway. My BN is smaller in area than yours, but darker, but still large.

I am still in a dilemma about what to do. I keep thinking that if i leave things for a while then I will come up with a design that I would be happy with. However, if I am honest, I’m not sure if I am a tattoo kind of person!

Again thanks for the pictures, they have been very helpful!


Hi Warren,

How many times did you have the laser done? I have been looking into it that myself. I was under the impression that after 4 or 5 sessions there would be a dramatic difference. Did you get your tattoo? Please let me know how everything went. I love tattoos and have some already but my bn is so dark I don’t think that is an option for me.



I just posted my answer on the forum… I have a tatoo over mine… and after about a week its healing just like normal… looks great… i think its a great idea, but havent found any info on any one else getting it… I HAVE IT, AND IT WORKED FOR ME… hope it gives you hope

Very nice Warren; As your BN is much lighter coloured than mine, I also am thinking about placing a tattoo too on my left chest. It emphazises more on the tattoo than the actual BN.
By the way, you have much courage to show us your nice BN.