Tell me its easy! Somebody

Well, my name is ashley and i have a drinking problem. I have just recently started admitting this outloud. I never really had to have that drink everyday, but during the weekend it was an entirely different story. I never thought i was an alcoholic like my mother until i started getting in trouble with the law time after time after time. It finally hit me that i do in fact have a driking problem. I have started going to meetings and they are really helping me, they give me a place to go where i feel no pressure to be my old self. I am accepted for who i am when i am not drinking. its really hard for me to quit when i was so good at doing it. Going out and getting drunk was easy it could talk to new people and be what i thought was myself. Now that i look back on it i cant believe i needed booze to make new friends and the friends i was making are the people that arent my friends anymore. I just feel so alone sometimes becuase i have no common interests with the people i used to. so if anybody has a secret to quitting fill me in

honesty… the honesty to look at yourself as you truly are, no better, no worse. The honesty to admit whatyou have done, and honesty to know that you can’t safely drink. As for it bein easy… easy is not the name of the game.

Did you have to make all new friends? i think that is the hardest part that i am going throught right now becuase i know already that i cant drink, but they still think i have bud luck, not a problem. so they are constantly trying pressuring me into doing something. so far i havent drank but i really want to sometimes.

ashley, do you believe in any kind of a higher power?

well… most of the people i hanged with when i was drinkin… they turned out to not be too friend-like when i sobered up… tey just wanted to use me.

How much we drink and how often we drink has nothing to do with the issue of alcoholism or drug addiction. Alcohol (ETOH) is a drug. The issue is our behavior and thinking. Even after many years of not using, a large percentage of us still behave and think like we did when we were using (known as a “dry drunk”). You want the secret? First, stop drinking or using. Next beware of those who ask you questions or seem to have a fix, especially those of the opposite sex. Then drag yourself to “TRADITIONAL AA MEETINGS”, and stay involved on this site, start a journal and keep the entries short. Alcoholics & addicts love to “ramble” and “boast”.

I have 19 years clean & sober, and want to drink right now! I drank from the age of 16 to the age of 39. “The first step is the hardest”.

yes i believe in a higher power…And i have been sober since january first. it is one of the hardest things ive done. but i feel a lot better and i am definitely more confident with myself. I can count my friends on one hand for sure. I just have to make new friends that are intersted in the same things that i am and I KNOW that will make quitting way easier. thank you for your support it means a lot to me.

Good evening! I can remember a saying from the clinic I was in 15years ago… stick with the winners… bit of an abvious one but very true. The hardest part about stopping drinking I guess is figuring out what else to do as for me it used to fill in the boredom not to mention avoid any emotions that I felt I could not deal with it ( that includes happy, sad and my favorite one which was being a victim)especially during my bewitching hours of 3pm-7pm! As to friends then I have found that as I now make some sense ( well sometimes!), can remember what I have said and done I can also decide who I want to talk to and when. Its really hard at times as it takes alot of convincing to keep telling myself that I am as good as everyone else and the clarity and energy I have now is very scarey!