my newborn grandson had an early diagnosis of possibly having CF …he was delivered on tuesday shy of her 8th month…an obstruction was removed on friday…how long does the testing normally take???I am beside myself waiting to know…he is in Boston and my son is unable to cope with questions…so if you could give me some idea I would appreciate it thank you tina

Dear Tina,
My daughter was diagnosed when she was only 4 months old. She went to day care one day and I went to work. I got a phone call there telling me my daughter was in the hospital and had quit breathing, they pronounced her dead. Children’s hospital finally arrived and got her breathing again. When she got to that hospital, me and my family wanted them to test her for cf because it runs in my family. They finally tested her and that was the longest wait of our life too. We knew something was wrong when the doctors stood outside the door talking about something in secret before they came in. When they told us the test was positive, we broke down. Now my daughter is 5yrs. old and she is healthy as a horse, you could never tell she was sick by looking at her. I know what you are going through, I’ve been there. I hope everything goes as well for you and your family as things have for us, even better, hopefully the test will come out negative. - Kary
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hello my name is david and i want to tell you about cf testing so i wanted
to let you know that i have helped many parents out there that have just
found out that there child has cf i would like to talk with you and your family
and help the both of you answer any qustions that you all may have im know
that there is many qustions going through your mind . i have cf im 31 and i
have 17 in my family that have cf as well im also a nursing asst and a home
health aide and i also run the cystic fibrosis pen pal club and support group
for patients all over the world so please call us at your convence and ill try
to help you with this issue

1-866-714-2365 24 hr hotline

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