Thalidomide treatment

My mom was diagnosed with MM about two weeks ago. She has started on thalidomide along with a steroid and a blood thinner. She is having a lot of joint and bone pain. Is this normal? Also, she is having headaches and her doctors will only allow her to take one 500mg. Tylenol for pain.
Thanks for any response!

The first 2 months after diagnosis, I had a lot of bone pain, mostly ribs. I could not lie flat, and rented a reclining chair to sleep in. That was more than 3 years ago. I understand bone pain is one of the common ways for someone to be diagnosed. I didn’t realize how bad I felt until my doctor said I’d start feeling better in a couple of months. He was right!

I don’t understand why your mothers Dr won’t prescribe anything stronger than tylenol for pain. I had 52 bone lesions when I was diagnosed and was given just about anything I wanted for pain. I am not advocating narcotics, but if I didn’t have them I at the time I think I would have gone insane. The pain was tremendous. There is nothing worse than bone pain in my opinion.