This is all new to me

Hi am pregnant and my baby will be a dwarf. I really don know where to buy her clothing or a carseat because thry say that she will be to small. please help I am trying to be a good molther and would like to have any help; that i can
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thank you in advance

I am not an expert on this. My son is only a month old. He was born with Acondroplasia, which we didnt know he had till our secound day in the hospital.
The one thing that I have learned in the short time he has been in my life is that the main thing your baby will need is your love. I know it is hard because as Moms we want our babies to be okay.
I will keep you and your baby in my prayers. Maybe in the futchure as I learn things I can pass them on to you.

Congrats on your soon to be new bundle of joy! Just treat that precious baby with all the love you have! She will be like any other newborn! My son is 7 months now and has Achondroplasia. He was 7 lbs 5 oz and 19 1/2 inches long! Most babies are still born average size! Depending on the type of dwarfism she has you will have to make modifications later, but with Cole he wears 6 month old clothes. Depending on the brand we may have to roll the sleeve or pant leg once. A great support group is Parents of Little People on Yahoo groups! You should check them out!!