Has anyone without a growth or enlargement had good success with their thymectomy? Was it worth it in the long run?



Hi, Taterj! Thank you for the hug and “friend request;” I am honored to accept both!

I noticed you’d asked a question about thymectomy. Regardless of whether or not there is thymoma (tumor), thymectomy gives an M.G. patient a 75-85% chance of remission in 4-6 years; my neurologist STRONGLY recommended it, for this reason.

You are so young–and I know your doctors would agree–that thymectomy would be something you would sail through! Believe me, I know it’s a scary concept, but I am SO glad I had it! --And, I’m doing great! From the surgery, itself, I’m doing GREAT; I have the occasional twinge of pain, but no big deal! I had been on prednisone for a few months prior, and, so, my surgeon said it would take up to one year for complete healing, but I feel wonderful! With regard to my M.G., I’m currently taking NO medication, because my husband and I are trying to become pregnant, so, I chose not to take medication right now. The beauty part of this is that I’m doing so well; I do have some symptoms, but nothing I can’t handle.

Listen to your doctors, and discuss with them thymectomy. My thymus was “enlarged,” and during surgery, they saw that I had a thymoma, but they did not know this preoperatively–and, regardless, my neurologist strongly encouraged me to have thymectomy, because of the remission chances.

Love & prayers,