Time has healed

Wanted all of you to know that time has started to heal our son. He is now 8 1/2 years old and was diagnosed with LCPD back on Sept. 7, 2006.
As of Sept. 14, 2008 X-Ray shows growth and reformation of the femoral head. It has been the longest 2 years of our lives but the light is showing at the end of the tunnel now. Just wanted to show you that there is hope and it will get better. Our son is now able to be up and walking out of his wheelchair and is getting into more acctivities that he could not be in before. We still have to be guarded as to what he can do but the Dr. has loosened the leash. Keep the faith.

That’s wonderful! What is his long term prognosis? Is he enjoying being able to do more things?

He is loving his freedom. His bones are still forming and still need time to heal. The Dr. is not sure what or how the bones will form so it is still a bit of a waiting game. The fact that there was growth was amazing. 2 years of nothing and then Bam we saw bone on the X-ray. Thanks for the note…