TMAU - As much as I know

Like everyone here on this disorder we are all eager for a cure. If only…one day maybe.
None-the-less I will touch on subjects @ various times or when I have a moment or two to post.
What I do post is purely my own experiences of TMAU. (I have TMAU2).

You are not alone, there are others. You’re not crazy and yes I believe you.

There is an array of areas to manage this disorder. Bare-in-mind each one of us has a differing medical history, geographic location, cultural differences and of course our environmental situations etc.
The one thing that brings us together is the core problem of TMAU. The level of severity differs for each one of us. Some of us have mild symptoms and others, severe. Some long term, I myself have had it short term. Importantly is to recognise the most “common” issues/symptoms and then take steps on how best you manage TMAU.

Common symptoms:
1 Bard breath, 2 fishy/fecal odour, 3 offensive smell 4 Sweating 5 Obsessive cleanliness (showers) 5 Anxiety/Depression and thoughts of suicide 5 Shunned by coworkers, abused, ignored, sacked from job to name but a few. Sound familiar?

Note: There is NO quick fixit pill if you are looking for one. If there is a solution for one, it may not necessarily be the same for another - you can but try. There is however an array of forum sites, several Research centres/organisations, stacks of research papers on the net from around the world for you to choose. “Knock yourself out!” (At least I still have a sense of humor).

Anyhow…enough for now. Try to keep your head up. Smiled at the world and it will back to you. GM

Ok…here we go.

You’re either Primary TMAU or Secondary TMAU. That is…Primary means that you are genetically born with this disorder. Secondary (or TMAU2) comes sometimes later in your life.
For me it kicked in around 3-4 years ago. And it hit hard. My life hasn’t been the same “socially”.
Look on the bright side: I do have a life…it’s just that I don’t have many people in it. Is it lonely? Yes.

At the beginning I went crazy and lost my head as to why people would move away from me. Give me the strangest looks or even whisper under their breaths. And they made it obvious. I have never done the “hard yards” like some people. Those out there, you have my upmost respect.