TMAU Sufferers in California - Los Angeles - Ventura - OC or anywhere near Ca

Who wants to hang out, and can tolerate a more severe level of TMAU?
Esp. in the breath…when I would speak…?
Please message me. I need friends…very bad.
Female - lower to mid 30s.
I enjoy the outdoors in general.
Only time I can really smile.
I have a unique story and have had a very crazy life.
I am sure you all do too. I’d love to hear about it.

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You can manage it just by avoiding some kinds of food and have normal healthy life with beautifule smile on your face.
Have fainth in these words to come true. You can search and find those who have normal life with avoiding just some kinds of food like cow,s milk…

Hi Mary, I’ve had it since I was 11/12 going through puberty. Been vegan since I was 15. I have tried every restrictive diet and haven’t eaten meat since I was 15. It has never changed anything. Even long term fruitarian and water fasting did not help.