TN and Chiropractic


I was diagnosed with TN over a year ago. I was in constant shocking pain. I could not eat, or talk. I searched for alternative therapies instead of the mind numbing drugs docs want to prescribe. I found that some people received relief from Chiropractic “Upper Cervical” adjustments.

I could not find a “Upper Cervical” Chiropractor in my area. So I found a reputable regular Chiropractor. He took X-rays and found that my neck was really mis-aligned (I could see it myself on the xray) and that he felt confident that this would cause my pain.

I have been going 2x a week since May and feel great! I know that TN could go into remission, but I firmly believe that the Chiro adjustments did the trick.

Please go to a chiropractor (one specializing in Upper Cervical Care would be best but there are not a lot of them. Try find out if you really have TN or if the C1 and C2 vertebrae are just pushing on a nerve as I really believe was my case. I would have taken the strong medications for nothing had I not tried this route. Insurance covers the visits so you have nothing to loose but a few xrays.


Dear Kewlbutterfly,
I received a memo from “Careplace” that you responded to my TN diet post, but I can’t find your response. Please contact me at or 248 642 7235.
Sincerely, Frank Sherwood


If your pain returns, there is an excellent chance you can stop your pain with a low saturated fat diet. I am a patient advocate with the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. For 10
years I have researched a new diet therapy that stops TN pain by limiting saturated fat. Not all fats. Just the excessive saturated fat in the American diet. I made a presentation on the history and effectiveness of this diet at TNA’s 2004 National Conference at the Disney World Resort. To try this diet, email your mailing address to or call 248-642-7235 for an eight-page report with diet instructions, the diet’s history, testimonials, and the amount of saturated fat in 140 foods.


Thanks! I told my husband about this diet concept for tn pain and we
are giving it a try. I bought a freezer full of low saturated fat
frozen dinners and we are hopeful. He started yesterday and is doing
good… had a couple of bad attacks this morning - rocking zingers
that he rated an 8 - he has had some 10’s that drop him to the floor
so he does have a serious pain scale and his 8 is pretty bad. So
here is to hoping this works!

Denise in Oregon

On Mar 30, 2008, at 9:31 AM, FSherwood wrote:


Frank Sherwood recommended this diet and I bought a bunch of low
Saturated fat food like he recommended and surprise! it appears to
work for my husbands pain!

The first day had no change and he had some nasty attacks. The next
day and the third day he felt the TN simmering on the edge of an
attack but zaps never came. Day 4 and 5 had no pain at all. Then we
had company for dinner and we decided to give it a good test and we
had some steak, ice cream, and a few side dishes with higher
saturated fat. He then continued a second day of higher fat. His
pain came zinging back really bad.

I don’t believe that it is because chewing meat is putting strain on
the jaw because on the good days he ate apples, pears, carrots and
other things (also Chris is not a man who chews his meat really
well ;-)).

I was surprised to see how many foods that I would have thought to
not have saturated fat but actually do. Olive oil has 2 mg per table
spoon! My favorite cooking ingredient now is Basalmic Vinegar where
it used to be olive oil.
Tonight we will be BBQing some lovely Portabella mushroom “steaks.”

As a side benefit I lost 5 pounds that week and Chris looks like he
is slimming too. Oh, and we didn’t limit sugar or alcohol - we drink
between none and 2 Jones Soda a day. Plus Chris now just makes his
Black Russians with non-fat milk (instead of half and half) and it is

Hope this helps someone else too!

Denise in Oregon

On Apr 3, 2008, at 11:02 AM, OregonDenise wrote:


First of all I am not trying to say that the “upper chiropractic” care doesn’t work or does but this is just my experience with the insurance part.

You must have super-duper insurance coverage because I work for a hospital and even mine is stingy. Actually, most insurances will not cover chiropractic care whatsoever and they don’t believe in it. I did check out this route with the “upper cervical” for the C1 and C2 and the insurance only would cover 15 visits a year with a co-pay of $35/visit which the NUCCA chiropractor stated that I would have to go for a lot more than the allotted 15 visits and it would be out of my pocket. Way too much at $200/week. I wish I had the money for this though. But, I hope this works out better for you all.


Dear Denise in Oregon,
Could I please have your email address so I can get a little more diet information from you and see how your husband is doing with the diet.
Frank Sherwood at