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I just had major oral surgery and they pulled both of my trigger teeth, one was infected into the bone so the removed some bone as well. My point is, I have had no TN pain, no TN warning signs and have been able to sleep on my right side for the first time in over two years. Has anyone heard of or know someone that dental work helped clear this up?



I just read your post and I wonder the same thing.

After I had some dental work I started having pain that would not go away. It feelt like when you need a root canal. A throbbing, burning, aching pain. Well after about $10,000, 3 teeth pulled later. I still have pain in a tooth that was worked on. The last procedure they did was an apico(sp). It has been a year and a half of horrible pain. I’m on so much medicine, and it only helps a little. I always wonder if I just got the tooth pulled, would it all go away. I have visited many endodontists, who say it is not tooth pain, but I wonder…



I went through similar tooth pain–I found a dentist that agreed to pull my upper teeth. I had had several root canals without relief. So the oral surgeon pulled the teeth and I had a full upper denture made. The tooth pains stopped somewhat, but the ear ache , cheek ache, and jaw aches didn’t go away.
Then I went to some neurologists–and finally saw Dr. Alksne in San Diego, Ca. At the time I lived in California and he was recommended by phone by the staff of Dr. Janetta in Pittsburgh. Dr. J and Dr. A are the tops in the field of Trigeminal Neuralgia.

I had the decompression surgery, and it helped a lot. The surgery has a high success rate–unfortunately I am one of the ones that didn’t get a 100% cure. What it did stop was the cheek pain. It’s livable now though.

I have discovered through the years though that wind and fans are what cause me the most pain. I stay indoors most of the time–and avoid fans! I used to think that if I wore a scarf to “protect” my face that it would help–but just the opposite would happen. Everyone has different triggers, though.

Lynn Benson

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Here I am almost a month later, very mild pain if any at all. Nothing like I used to have and I am medication free, in fact I am just now returning to work. Dont know what to make of it but I am going to run with it.


Dear Voiceintheshadow-
It was my expereince that the pain stops at night. I had massive pain when awake and zero when I slept. Mayo said this was common. I wanted to sleep 24/7 but my body only need about 6-7 hours a night.

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My pain went the exact opposit way. I was okay when I was up and about, but the moment I would try to lie down my face felt like it was exploding. To this day I still cannot lie on my right side for more than a few moments if at all. Now what I do get is mostly in my sinus and goes away fairly fast on its own.