Does anyone have/had a toddler with Chiairi??



I have a three year old daughter who just had an MRI. The report said that her cerebellar tonsils are 5mm below the foramen magnum. The radiologist says its “suspicious” for Chiari Malformation.

We have an appointment with a neurosurgeon in Aug.

Our daughter has suffered strange symptoms since she was a year and a half old. She had trouble eating, then had abdomnial pain, headaches, eye pain, and now she is gagging and having a hard time talking.

In this time (over a year and a half), we have gone from dr. to dr., been to the ER numerous times, and she has had every GI test known to man done on her. Nothing has shown up until this recent MRI.

Both her neurologist and her regular ped. say that her symptoms don’t line up with Chiari Malformation. They also said that most people with this condition are asymptomatic, or don’t have problems until their teens or adulthood.

With that being said, they say that her symptoms are most likely behavioral, and that she should be evaluated by a pyschiatrist. (!)

She is clearly in pain. We are hoping the neurosurgon will be a bit more knowlegeable, and will help her.

What are your son’s symptoms? What do his dr’s say?