Tommy Morrison

Just looking for any comments or thoughts on the fact that Tommy Morrison, the boxer from Missouri, was diagnosed in 1991 with HIV and now they cannot find the disease in his body at all. They tested him six times and have released him to box. Any thoughts??

Good point. It seems they would be able to detect meds.
I read several news articles, and none of them mentioned his taking meds at anytime.
He claims he was misdiagnosed and never really had HIV.
If true it’s a real shame because his life really was screwed up as a result.
A lot of people respond to a positive test like this. They just decide to go down in flames and go wild.
I was just the opposite. I didn’t want to go out like that. I wanted to put my life in order.


One thing is sure, when someone is tested, they are not looking for the virus in the body, as it is not easily found. What is done is that they test for the antibody for HIV, which your body “creates” about 90 days after infection.

This story is far too suspicious for us to spend too much time on. Further, curing HIV is a concept that is not terribly hopeful, because when HIV reproduces in your body, it takes on your own DNA so whatever they find that will destroy it will also kill us. Simple science here.

What is also most disturbing is that it is a mutant virus and so we might stop it today, only for it to rise again in a few years in another form.

Hope this isn’t too depressing, but I have been infected for 23 and a half years, so I have found the best way to survive is to live a full and interesting life, whatever that might be.